Rattan Enterprises offers custom IT based next-gen mobility solutions, enterprise driven business process solutions and product engineering services which are specialized in Healthcare.

Rattan Enterprises enables healthcare providers in building and implementing cutting-end technology in order to enhance care delivery, accelerate innovation and optimize clinical processes. We have cent percent focus and strong proficiency in handling clinical data with complete safety. We strive hard to meet the current and emerging needs across the healthcare ecosystem and life sciences organizations. With a rich and varied experience in providing offshore software development and project management capabilities and stringent quality standards Rattan Enterprises ensure to give your business an edge over your competitors.

Rattan Enterprises have well organize infrastructure to meet the development requirement of offshore software development. We are having well equip office with excellent technical skill team for the development of offshore software projects as well as onsite software projects.We are a new generation software company that understands business and the bottom line. We have chosen a strategic global model combining the best of onshore and offshore software development to deliver premium quality services and products to our clients at affordable cost.

Why Offshore Software Development?

  • Pricing

    The main reason customers why started getting software written offshore is the cost of living is different in different parts of globe. Outsourcing your software development offers you with skilled team working on your project for the same or less amount than hiring one on-site software developer.

  • Timezone

    With the current economy and resource shortage IT departments are stretching too thin already, they do not have time available to maintain company's existing software systems, let alone create new applications or rewriting an existing old application. Offshore software development, testing & maintenance keeps you free from your own IT department's time to work on strategically on other important tasks.

  • Skilled Resources

    Finding the right resource is very hard these days and once you hire them it is very hard to retain them. Offshore software development readily infuses skilled resources into your project on an as needed basis.