Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

From cross channel optimization to managing risk and regulatory compliance, industry leaders choose us to help them work better and work differently.Whether it's driving innovation or delivering new efficiencies and cost reduction, we are redefining the way companies benefit from global services.

Our consulting and solutions offerings help you run better and run differently. Our industry expertise and business solution capabilities are both deep and broad in financial services. We have delivered high-impact solutions for banking and financial services for decades. Our solutions enables banks to modernize core banking processes and enable digital channels to engage with millennial customers. We give customers multiple ways to transact with you, wherever they happen to be.

Our Service Offerings:

A- Credit Cards & Payments Management Services

We deliver end-to-end retail financial services for both credit and debit cards, from card origination to credit card payments

B- Retail Banking Knowledge Process Services

Our flexible, scalable Retail Banking Knowledge Process Services help you stay competitive and adapt to a dynamic marketplace, with solutions for:

  • New client acquisition
  • Account servicing
  • Lending service operations
  • Remittance processing
  • Cards and payments

C- Transactional Banking

Transaction processing environments are data intensive and must deliver high performance to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. Our solutions deliver greater reliability, faster turnaround time, and a better way to reduce cost of ownership and meet changing demand with our flexible global delivery model.

D- Cash Management

Our integrated cash management system reduces governance and management expenses, thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

E- Lending

We have extensive industry expertise in consumer lending in areas of collection and collateral management. Streamline and optimize your core business processes, reach customers more effectively through digital channels, reduce cycle time and minimize delinquency rates with effective technology solutions for

  • Commercial and Small Business
  • Auto Finance
  • Mortgages

F- Core Banking

Our core banking solutions cover the entire gamut of functionalities, from customer views to niche zones such as funds transfer.